Taking the stress out of packing for a UK Holiday

What to pack for a UK holiday or if you must, ‘Staycation’.

Going on a UK holiday this year? Stressing about what to wear on your ‘staycation’? Hopefully this will help.

I had my first 2 week UK summer holiday 2 years ago and loved it. We headed to Cornwall for a 2 centre holiday - part self-catering, part hotel. And we had a fantastic time. Great food, amazing beaches and lots of adventures. The kids loved it and want to go again, which is a good job as we're heading back for another UK holiday in August! I did however agonise over what to take to wear. No guaranteed sun meant my usual sun dresses and bikinis might not cut it.

Top Tips for a UK holiday capsule wardrobe

First off, I recommend heading to your own wardrobe.

We manage to dress for the weather the rest of the year, so we must have items that will work in a ‘staycation’ wardrobe. 

Think about what you would wear for a walk in the country. A day trip to the coast. A meal out at the local pub. Pull all these outfits out and see if any could mix and match to create several different outfits. Think of your UK holiday wardrobe as being greater than the sum of its parts.

I’d definitely recommend including the following:

  • denim shorts
  • long sleeve t-shirt – great extra layer
  • hoodie or sweatshirt – for cooler days and casual evenings
  • long sleeve shirts – can be worn on cooler days and as an extra, light shacket layer
  • cropped jeans
  • denim jacket
  • couple of dresses suitable for layering and evening/day
  • vest tops – can be layered under things if it really gets chilly
  • lightweight trousers - both for cooler days and evening wear

It’s easy to add a t-shirt under a strappy dress or throw a sweatshirt over it for daywear.  Alternatively wear it in the evening with a denim jacket. And if you’re really lucky the sun will shine, and you can just wear it on its own.

If it’s not quite warm enough to hit the beach in full swimwear, you could always wear your cossie in place of a bodysuit with jeans under a shirt.

Footwear for a UK holiday

This is where you could really go to town but try to be disciplined.  I’d definitely take trainers that can be worn on a cool day and for any hikes you decide to go on. Sandals that can be worn during the day and to the beach and a pair of smarter sandals in case you want a change for evenings out. Flip flops take up very little space, so I’d probably throw those in for good measure.

Summer Capsule ‘Staycation’ Wardrobe 

staycation capsule wardrobe edit

Finally, one great thing about packing for a holiday in the UK…..there’s no airline weight allowance to adhere to!

So, have a brilliant holiday. You’ll be doing your bit to support UK businesses too, which I’m sure will be much appreciated. Now just pray for sunshine.

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