Perfect Products for Eco-friendly Picnics

Picnic time is nearly here!

The weather is slowly improving, and restrictions are being lifted.  Fingers crossed, the two coincide and we can finally see friends for picnics. And what joyous occasions these will be!  I can’t wait to be able to meet up with another family or 5 friends! It definitely feels worth splashing out on new picnic gear to celebrate. 

Continuing with the eco-friendly theme of Canelle I’ve been having a look around at some eco-friendly picnic rugs, cutlery, plates and picnic hampers that are not only stylish, and practical, but kind to the environment too. Obviously our new large, organic cotton totes have plenty of space for picnic essentials, but I’ve pulled together some other items which I’ve got my eye on too.

 large le weekend slogan tote bag




First up is the all-important picnic hamper.  I love this Kazi Citron Picnic Hamper with its zingy design available from MadeTrade. It’s handwoven in Ghana from elephant grass and dyed with organic dyes.


Picnic Rug

Made from recycled plastic straws this rug is not only eco-friendly, but practical. Because it’s plastic any spills can be wiped off or, if your guests are particularly messy, hosed down. Available from Life Under Canvas, who incidentally sell gorgeous bell tents if you really want to splash out on your picnic.  It comes in 4 different colours and 3 different sizes.


eco friendly picnic rug made from recycled straws       eco friendly picnic rug made from recycled straws green and orange


Disposable, eco-friendly picnic set plus eco-friendly portable BBQ


If you’re looking for a lightweight disposable option, but still want to keep it planet friendly then the lfhp Eco-Friendly Picnic Set is perfect.  The cups, plates and cutlery are compostable and made predominantly from cornstarch plus it includes a CASUSGRILL™ - the eco-friendly answer to the disposable BBQ.  Made from cardboard and Quick Oxylite™ there are no metals, fossil fuels or lighter liquids. All materials are sustainable and biodegradable except for the lava stones in the base, and these can be used as a soil improver or returned to nature.  And because there’s less charcoal, CO2 emissions are reduced too.  Eco-Friendly Picnic Set


Huski Home

This family run business has a whole host of eco-friendly, sustainable, packed lunch and picnic items made from natural waste such as rice and coconut husk.  The coconut bowl is my particular favourite!

husky home lunchbox and thermal mug
coconut husk cutlery's a wrap

Oakdalebees have a lovely range of beeswax wraps.  100% natural, they can be used exactly as you would use clingfilm.  They are self-sealing and washable.  They should last 6-12 months depending on how often they’re used.  At that point, either renew the wax with a few minutes in the oven or put them on the compost heap. If you fancy making your own, they have kits too.

 multipack beeswax wraps

multipack beeswax wraps tropical

Well, that's me sorted for summer picnics! In keeping with our French slogans, all that’s left to say is bon appetit!

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