About us

Our aim is to make products that make you feel good, and that you'll want to wear and wear.

Made from organic cotton, our tops are super soft on the skin, and kind to the planet so, you can wear them guilt free. Our tote bags are organic cotton and come in various sizes.  There's something for every occasion.

Let's face it, tees, sweats and totes never really go out of style, so we're not talking fast fashion here.  The high quality means they'll last you for years, whether you're teaming them with sportswear, dresses, jeans, shorts.... the list is endless. There's always a place for them, every season.  

We wanted everyone to find something they felt suited them, so we've given you choices.  

You choose your slogan or design.  
You choose the colour of your top.  
You choose the colour of the slogan.

The result? A product you build with yourself in mind.  A personal choice. Possibly even unique!

I really hope you find what you're looking for, but if not, please get in touch and we can make something truly bespoke.

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope our products bring you some joy.

Sarah x  



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