The making process

An insight into your product's journey.

After you've chosen your favourite combination of top, colours and slogan I get to work on making your design a reality.

Our gorgeously soft, fair wear, organic cotton hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts are all shipped from Belgium to my studio where they remain sealed in boxes until orders come through.

After removing all the excess fluff from your chosen garment it's ready to receive your chosen design.

Creating the print

I create all my designs on my MacBook, which I transfer to my vinyl cutting machine to start the process of cutting out your slogan or design from your selected heat transfer vinyl.



Once the slogan or design is cut out, it needs to be 'weeded' so that only the part of the image that will be attached to your product is left.

weeding a vinyl design


heat press on design

I place the design on your product making sure it's positioned correctly and switch on my heat press. After covering the design with the heat press for 30 seconds the image is heated enough to bond to the material.  A quick 15 seconds on the reverse ensures that everything is properly adhered.

After waiting for it to cool, the final stage is removing the carrier sheet to reveal your finished garment complete with design.


Then it's off to the packing table for a swing ticket to be applied, and the product to be folded, wrapped in tissue and popped into it's recyclable shipping bag along with a 'thank you' card and packing slip.

Just the label to go and a quick trip to the post office and your chosen product is winging its way to you.

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